• Transshipment of goods in water, rail and road transport
  • Storage in open and closed public customs warehouses
  • Construction of special reloading devices and racks for storage
  • Organization of transport of goods in water transport
  • Freight forwarding services
  • Container handling and reception
  • Sorting
  • Transport of goods by trucks
  • Retail fuel trade
  • Measurement
  • Retail and wholesale of gravel and sand separation products
  • Assembly
  • Marking of goods
  • Rental of real estate and equipment within the port activity


In addition to basic transshipment and warehousing activities, the port is registered for a wide range of other activities (trade, transport, etc.). All installed capacities of the Port of "Danube" Pancevo enable a turnover of about 2 million tons annually, primarily bulk cargo.

The built vertical quay, 760 meters long, is equipped with port machinery. The anchorage of the Port "Dunav" Pancevo is marked opposite the entrance to the aquatorium. The connection of port transshipment capacities with the anchorage is realized by port pushers Cardak and Vigor.

On the eastern pier, 200 meters long, three port portal cranes, two carrying capacities up to 27.5 tons for transshipment of containers, general and bulk cargo and one crane with a carrying capacity of 20 tons were installed. Three parallel rail tracks exit to the quay so that there is a connection of water, rail and road transport. In the southern part of the port basin, on a vertical quay 350 m long, there is a general cargo terminal. Transshipment is performed by a tower crane with a capacity of 8 tons and 2 mobile cranes with a capacity of up to 30 tons.

The front part of the aquatorium, 210 meters long, is equipped with a rotation unloader for bulk cargo with a capacity of 500 tons / hour, primarily for the purpose of unloading gravel, for separation. The terminal is connected by a separation for gravel and sand storage storages.

Along the eastern quay of the aquatorium, the first series of closed warehouses with an area of 32.000 m² and 3 covered warehouses with an area of 8.000 m² were built. A railway tracks passes through the warehouse halls. The open storage area of more than 60.000 m² is surrounded by railway tracks.

Port and storage capacities are connected by roads, railways and other infrastructure. For the need of trucks, a parking lot for 200 trucks was built.

Since 2015, a gas station for diesel fuel with a capacity of 50.000 liters has been built as a new investment, whose main function is supply at the truck terminal, as well as external commercial supply to users of port services.

Within the Port, the work of the Customs, the branch office of forwarding organizations and accompanying services, control houses, the branch office of the Serbian Railways, as well as the provision of special supply services were provided. During 2008, Port became a member of FIATA, an international association of freight forwarders and logistics companies. The port management has the chairman of the Group for Ports and Ports at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce. Port is a member of EFIP (European Federation of River Ports).

Open store

transhipment ramp

tracks in the crane zone

closed store

terminal for separation products