PANČEVO, September 25, 2014 (TV Pančevo) – The General Directors of the Port of Constanta and the Port of Dunav from Pančevo today signed a memorandum of cooperation and understanding, which will enable greater use of the potential of the two ports and even stronger cooperation. The day of the Port of “Constanta”, which has been held in Serbia for seven years, was an opportunity for representatives of numerous companies from several countries operating on the Danube to gather.
The central event of the Day of the Port of Constanta, held in Belgrade’s Holiday Inn, was the signing of a memorandum of cooperation and understanding between this Romanian Black Sea port at the mouth of the Danube and the Port of Pancevo, formerly known as the Port of the Danube. In the presence of representatives of hundreds of companies operating on the Danube, ie European Corridor 7, the Ambassador of the Republic of Romania to Serbia Daniel Banu emphasized that the Danube is a border, but also a great chance for cooperation in various ways, including economic.
– Romania, together with Austria, is the main initiator of the European strategy for the Danube region, which will create for our countries, not only for Serbia and Romania, but also for the countries of the European Union and the countries of this region, a great chance for further development of projects of common interest. . I think that today’s conference is a great opportunity for the business community of Serbia and Romania to establish better ties and further develop our traditionally strong economic ties, said Romanian Ambassador Daniel Banu.
The memorandum of understanding and cooperation signed by the General Manager of the Port of Constanta Valeria Ionescu and the General Manager of the Port of Pancevo Sanja Đurišić will include, in addition to freight transport, passenger transport, cross-border cooperation, mutual promotion of two ports, advisory support and referral of potential clients. exchange of experiences and technical visits, as well as joint access to European Union funds and projects. In the statement, after the signing, Sanja Đurišić emphasized that the signed memorandum is the crown of long-term cooperation, emphasizing that she is honored to be at the head of the Port of “Danube”, which has existed and worked for seven decades.
– The signing of this memorandum opens new development projects. We plan to cooperate with “Constanta” to be one step closer to integration with the European Union, to bring new operators, new investments, therefore, everything that will be important for our company, but also for the development of the City of Pancevo, the region and the Republic of Serbia, said Sanja Đurišić, director of the Port of Pancevo.
The Danube is a large European corridor and having partner ports like Pancevo on the Danube is very important, said the General Manager of the Port of Constanta, Valeria Ionescu.
– It is very important because Pancevo is halfway on the internal flow. When we start from Constanta, through Pancevo to Austria, Pancevo is a good place to help our operators and companies in Serbia and Romanian transport companies to really use the Danube and to have a place of support for that here, in Pancevo. Also, when you think of Eastern Europe, I think of the Rhine-Danube Corridor, which is one of the main strategic corridors in the European Union due to enlargement. Fifty million inhabitants in this corridor will grow to more than 100 million inhabitants, so we are talking about a fifth of the inhabitants of Europe, including, of course, millions of people living in Serbia, said Valeria Ionescu, General Manager of the Port of Constanta.
Romanian Ambassador Daniel Banu also emphasized the importance of this memorandum for cooperation between the two countries.
– It’s an important step. I think that it is part of the series of memoranda that the Port of Constanta has already signed with several ports in Serbia and can now further strengthen the otherwise strong relations between the seaport of Constanta and the port on the Danube in Serbia, said Romanian Ambassador Daniel Banu.
And what could the accelerated development of the Port of “Pancevo” mean for the development of Pancevo, explained Sanja Đurišić.
– Considering that Romania is already in the European Union, that the Port of “Constanta” has great experience, we will have great support and assistance from the Port of “Constanta” both from the aspect of administrative barriers and their removal and when it comes to accessing funds. concerning the development of port activities and the economic region, pointed out Sanja Đurišić.
The Day of the Port of Constanta, which was held for the seventh year in a row, was an opportunity to present several companies operating within this port on the Romanian Black Sea coast. The possibilities of business cooperation were discussed face to face with the present representatives of several dozen companies from Serbia, Romania, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary and Austria, which use the Danube as the most efficient European transport route.