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Pancevo – Panuka, the first and oldest name for Pancevo, from the time of Arpadovic (IX century) is located at the delta of the Tamis and the Danube river. Due to its position and potential, Pancevo was an important strategic point both in the war (Turkish conquest of Banat in 1521, Austro-Hungarian 1716) and in peacetime (trade) and has had its own dock since ancient times (on the Tamis and the Danube) where there was a very lively trade (especially since 1794, when Pancevo received the status of a free military community).

history of Pancevo

He port "Dunav" AD Pancevo, (grew right there, on the site of the first Turkish pontoon bridges in the XVI century. For almost five centuries, in the same place, on the left bank of the Danube, there was a crossing over the river, then a pontoon bridge for the army, grew for import of cattle, a port for patrol gangs and warships of the Empire, then the final port for numerous colonists from the north of Europe, a bar for ships, a steamship station all the way to today's port, which was built more than 70 years ago by Pancevo docks workers. The Port exist for more than 70 years.

history of port Dunav

"The Town Company for Loading and Debarkation of navigable and railway objects" was established the 15th of January 1947. After The Law of the usage of a docks was brought in the 1961 the company has gained the quay to use and manage, and has changed the name in "The Pancevo company of docks and storage". Because of the development of the town, the dock could not stay on the river Tamis, so in the 1968 it was decided that a new port has to be built on the river Danube - half a century after the visionary words of Phd Nikola Milutinovic that the port should be built on the Danube. The construction started in 1971. That year the company has been given the name Port “Dunav” Pancevo.

The Port "Danube" Pancevo, due to the relocated location from the city center and good connections with road and rail, as well as with river traffic routes, enables the transshipment of general, bulk and liquid cargo. The position of the Port provides an ideal place for warehousing and distribution centers for various types of goods. Within our business possibilities, you can use forwarding services, as well as separation products, natural gravel and sand, gas station etc.
With the completion of the first phase of construction of the Port "Dunav", JSC Pancevo, in terms of equipment, break out in to the very top of river ports in the country. It is possible to intensify the development of all functions of the modernly conceived land - river transportation center for goods, logistics center with an emphasis on the multimodal river transport system.

The 90 ha Danube Port Complex is bounded by the Danube and Tamis rivers and the E-70 international road. The hinterland of the Port for the development of logistics and industry covers an additional 150 ha.

port Dunav

Storage capacities are functionally distributed over 100.000 m² of open and closed space under customs control. The public customs warehouse consists of 12 closed warehouses, 3 covered warehouses with a total capacity of 40.000 m² and over 60.000 m² of open storage space.

Within the Port there is a parking for trucks, with an area of 20.000 m² with a gas station. The infrastructural capacities of the Port "Danube" enable the entry of river-sea ships up to 5.000 tons.